DAY 24: Write about a Lesson I’ve Learned


Di tahun 2015, Steve Jobs pernah memberikan commencement speech untuk Stanford University’s Graduation. Banyak hal yang bisa aku ambil dari situ setelah menontonnya, salah satunya adalah perihal “connecting the dots”.

So instead of “a lesson I’ve learned”, it’s more suitable as “lesson(S) I’ve learned.”

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DAY 19: My First Love


First love feels like a look back—whether it’s in the present or as a true flashback. How could I define first love if I might not know what love means yet? Haha.

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DAY 18: Thirty Facts About Myself


30 facts about me–as if someone cared and wanted to know.

So here they go… 

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DAY 16: Someone I Miss


Truthfully speaking.. I miss the old me!

Probably, not many people know that I’m struggling with mental illness: depression to be exact. Not about to point that out, now.. Well, I just miss “the former me”when everything feels so easy to be handled.

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DAY 7: Favorite Movie


Salah satu cara menghabiskan waktu untukku adalah dengan menonton film. It really is an entertaining one for me. Di samping membaca buku, atau mendengarkan musik, menonton bisa melepas penat atau sejenak kabur dari kehidupan nyata dan berfantasi dengan film yang ditonton. So it’s pretty hard for me to say what my favorite movie is.

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