DAY 29: My Goals for the Future


Ini merupakan pernyataan yang perlu kehati-hatian dalam penyampaiannya. Mungkin tidak seperti anak kecil ketika ditanya “Cita-citamu kalau sudah besar mau jadi apa?” Menurutku, ini bukan sekedar pertanyaan tersebut, tapi lebih kepada memaknai tujuan hidup.

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DAY 27: Someone who Inspires Me


I don’t think there are many people who can inspire me that much–significantly. But even so, there is one important person who might be called as a role model in my life.

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DAY 26: My School


What do you expect with me writing about school? 

Anyway… Come to think of it, I never hated going to school. It’s not because I’m the smartest student or crazy about studying, but because I like everything in school. Nerd, huh?

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