DAY 30: Write about What Do I Feel When I Write



I could finally finish what I started, and it’s such a massive accomplishment for me :’)

Am I being too much? Who cares!

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DAY 27: Someone who Inspires Me


I don’t think there are many people who can inspire me that much–significantly. But even so, there is one important person who might be called as a role model in my life.

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DAY 26: My School


What do you expect with me writing about school? 

Anyway… Come to think of it, I never hated going to school. It’s not because I’m the smartest student or crazy about studying, but because I like everything in school. Nerd, huh?

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DAY 18: Thirty Facts About Myself


30 facts about me–as if someone cared and wanted to know.

So here they go… 

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DAY 17: Ways to Win My Heart


I’ve only been doing this #30DaysWritingChallenge for 17 days and I’m so frustrated already. At first I thought “oh well it’s just 30 posts for 30 days. So 1 post per day is easy-peasy.”

Then now… I must admit it, having such a commitment is somewhat difficult.

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DAY 9: Write about Happiness


“Kapan terakhir kali kamu bahagia?” “Kapan terakhir kali kamu memikirkan diri sendiri dulu sebelum orang lain?” Dua pertanyaan itu mengawali setiap sesi konseling yang kulakukan dengan psikolog beberapa waktu belakangan ini.

Bahagia. Terdengar kata yang sepele dan remeh mungkin. Tapi, apakah yang kamu rasakan benar-benar murni kebahagiaan ataukah semu semata?

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