DAY 25: Something Inspired of the 11th Image on My Phone


What a random topic on day 25!

Well, here it goes.. The 11th image on my phone.

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DAY 24: Write about a Lesson I’ve Learned


Di tahun 2015, Steve Jobs pernah memberikan commencement speech untuk Stanford University’s Graduation. Banyak hal yang bisa aku ambil dari situ setelah menontonnya, salah satunya adalah perihal “connecting the dots”.

So instead of “a lesson I’ve learned”, it’s more suitable as “lesson(S) I’ve learned.”

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DAY 22: Write about Today


What an exhausting day!

To be frank, I don’t feel like I’m about to write a lot today.

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DAY 21: Write about Love


There are tons of love in the air. I mean, how could you define what love is since it is so universal? For me love cannot be measured by anything. A mix of emotions, behaviors, affections and all.

Let me tell you one favorite love story in my life out of many stories that exist. It’s a story about my paternal grandparents.

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DAY 20: My Celebrity Crush


What a silly yet interesting topic to recall!

I hope that when in the future I read this post again, I will never regret it. Well, I shouldn’t regret it because it’s part of my life right?–I’m trying to do the affirmation though.

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