DAY 26: My School


What do you expect with me writing about school? 

Anyway… Come to think of it, I never hated going to school. It’s not because I’m the smartest student or crazy about studying, but because I like everything in school. Nerd, huh?

Back in the time when I went to school from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, to high school, I realized that I got the privilege of going to a good private school. One of the things that might make me jealous of people who go to other schools is the number of friends in one class they have. Other schools may have around 40 students in one class, whereas my school only has a maximum of 10 students in one class. How could I get many friends there? 

Apart from school, I took courses outside of school and had friends there. Also, since my grandfather was an active citizen in my house area, I often suddenly registered in the youth events there by my grandpa. And sometimes, because my friends introduced me to their friends–mutual friends. That’s where I gained friends I think. But my school friends are more like family since I’ve known them since I was in kindergarten.

There used to be a feeling of minority when I went to private school, where most at that time public schools were top notch. But I do remember my family emphasizing to me how important education is not because of how many friends there, but more about the teaching system that I can get. In public schools, I might need to be more focused and independent because a teacher needs to teach so many students at one time. Whereas in a private school with fewer students as mine, I have a greater chance of learning and interacting with my teacher and even to my friends.

Shout out to all of my 12th grade friends!

My school used to believe that each individual has their own colors, so the handling can’t be the same with one another. That’s one of the reasons why my school used to have not many students per class, because each homeroom teacher needs to focus on learning growth and development of each student. Uniquely, my school is mixed with children in special needs (e.g.: autism, hyperactive disorder, etc.) who also attend school there.

Elementary life be like.. Probably 3rd/ 4th grade.

Why was my family willing to spend their money to send me to private school? Because they thought about how important the education I need to get as a provision for my future. It’s not about “Oh you’re not smart enough, so you can’t get into any top public schools.” Well, sorry to brag this out but actually I have a perfect score (10) for Math, 9 for English, and 8 for Bahasa during the junior high school’s national exam. I even qualified to enter some of the top public high school qualifications at that time. Then why did I still go to private school? Because my family felt I still needed an intense teaching which I only could get while in my previous school. They thought that I’d be quite independent later when I enter college. Did I have a choice at that time? Certainly not!

We used to have event at school as exhibit and we usually opened booths to sell some goods

Now that I have passed it already, I increasingly realize how important quality education is. Maybe there is no definite guarantee for that person’s success, but at least it can increase the chances of achieving it by having good education. I believe that school not only helps students to learn the concepts and skills needed, but also allows students to interact with other students socially, academically, and even emotionally. In the present competitive world, education is a basic necessity for human beings after food, clothes and probably shelter.

It develops us in a perspective of looking at life, builds opinions and have points of view on things in life, even makes us capable of interpreting things among other things. It is not only about lessons in textbooks, but also the lessons of life.

Education can play a major role in our quests to achieve our dreams in life. So the conclusion for me is, education means long-term investment.

I am so blessed for the privilege to get a proper education back then. Hopefully, I also will be able to have sufficient sustenance so that I can provide the best education for my children, grandchildren, or other people in need in the future. Amen!

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