DAY 22: Write about Today


What an exhausting day!

To be frank, I don’t feel like I’m about to write a lot today.

I feel my energy absorbed a lot, might be not physically but more mentally. What did I do today? Besides working–with the fact that my job has to do research by interviewing certain people, I just had a counselling session with a psychologist.

Believe me, every time I finish doing “self help” whether it’s counselling or meditation I feel my energy drained. I feel helped, even though it’s tiring–without negating my spiritual worship.

I hope that when I look back–at this post in particular, I want to say “just calm down, you can get through all this.” or it is like “Cry if it is sad, rest if you are tired, be happy if you are ready, just feel every feeling genuinely that is in you.”

I might still lack self acceptance, but I have to clearly know what I want and do ‘cause that’s how I can survive.

What did I talk about? Well, I am rambling a lot and need to stop now. Let’s take a rest. Period.

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