DAY 17: Ways to Win My Heart


I’ve only been doing this #30DaysWritingChallenge for 17 days and I’m so frustrated already. At first I thought “oh well it’s just 30 posts for 30 days. So 1 post per day is easy-peasy.”

Then now… I must admit it, having such a commitment is somewhat difficult.

Lately, the theme is getting intense and I’m running out of mood and idea to write it down. But still, I have to finish what I started.

Well, back to the topic.. I have a fundamental rule in life: I treat others the way I want to be treated. Anyhow.. If they’re being such a jackass, I don’t hesitate to throw them away. ‘Cause detaching won’t ever be that bad especially for people who become toxic in our life.

I will appreciate people who can treat me the way they want to be treated also. I might easily get a new friend, but it took me a long time to connect and feel comfortable with each other, including putting in mutual trust.

So, in order to win my heart.. You need to believe in yourself, accepting not only your strengths but also your flaws–as you will also embrace all I have.

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