My Life in Pixels (2019)

Coloring life in pixels!

Time goes by so fast.. I finally managed my 2018 and a month also passed by in this 2019!

What have I done during this past month? As January 1st hit me, I already planned to have a more concern to my life. I’m no longer youngster, so I need to manage my life, wisely. So what did I do?

I decided to map my life-feels in pixels, so I created “Year in Pixels” for my 2019!

I knew it randomly through my Instagram explore few days before new year which some of them concerning to create year in pixels. To be honest, I really have not known who’s the one who created this until I found that all this pixels idea belongs to @passioncarnets

Actually, the concept is deceptively simple. To set it up, you need to make squares to track your mood along the year. All I need to do is, to color it in by the mood that best represents me that day.

What’s the purpose of this? I am so sick to read things about self-help and all. And this method is one of a getaway to let me focusing on my daily emotions which I believe will help me to take care of myself. I think it’s so humane if I feel that my day is so bad, yet it won’t reflect my whole life as the worst one. Why? Because at the end, all of the pixels should have been filled out and so I can look through a certain day or month or begin to notice some patterns concerning my mood during a whole year. After I look to my patterns of the pixels, I’ll see that certainly my life isn’t as bad as it seems.

Pretty interesting, huh?  Well, yea.. At least for me.

It helps me to emphasize which one is my most certainly finite because I often simply ask a very clear question to myself as: “Are you making the most of your weeks?”

Hence, in order to thinking about my own weeks and how I tend to use them, I decided to tracking my life through this method. You know what’s the funny thing? Everyday when I wake up in the morning I always want to have a pink / orange pencil color to be applied during the night. So instantly, I have a kind of brain-stimulus to make my whole day become “amazing day / really good day”.

So as you may see the results of mine for this whole January 2019..


How can I choose the color for that day? Which particular occasion is it? All I can answer is, it might be one thing that represents your mood, or any things that you may feel it suitable to sum up your whole day.. It depends on you.

I don’t want to provoke anyone to use this kind of method to have a meaningful life.. I just want to share what’s my effort to make my life more valuable and controllable. Then I summarize into two major purposes in life:

  1. Enjoying life, but if you can’t go to number 2
  2. Building something to make your life or others more enjoyable

Probably, you are a type of person who will be happy if you can make others happy, then just go ahead. Anyway, life might gives you lot of bad things, but please do remember that we certainly will get good things in life. So, just enjoy it!

We really want to create a life in which they’re making us happy, isn’t it?

And last but not least, remember to stay healthy because it will be nonsense if you can create happiness without healthiness.

*My apology if my post here feels as a self-care :/


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